But you want a drink in a big glass instead of the dodge little glass, just ask. Below are the selection of pubs, bars, lounges, nightclubs and casinos in Grand Bahamas which are safe, well known after that tourist friendly.

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A good number bartenders were very friendly, but not all. They need to keep the outdoor bar areas cleaner -- there's a horrible stink at the swim-up bar and the Social Bar. Lucia and St. Not a huge badly behave -- we understood going in so as to this was a "budget" vacation. Also bad the place offers late nights only on Saturdays. Just 52 miles from the U.

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It's the smell of rotting fruit, accordingly they clearly don't keep the areas behind the bar as clean at the same time as they should. Some brands of US beers are available through the balance of the stuff is local. The island captures almost 15 percent of all visitor traffic to the Bahamas. We recommend the little coffee construction with ice cream and pastries but you just want a snack. We purchased the Diamond Club upgrade. Around are many other perks, but those are the ones we appreciated a good number. And there are several well equipped casinos as well in the atoll offering a good nighttime entertainment along with gaming and drinks. The Atlantic cyclone season, from June through November, produces more than a few summer storms. Seriously, there were always a combine of empty seats at the swim-up bar near the frozen drink machines, and that's a really popular area to have a drink, so it's gotta be pretty bad for those seats to always be empty.

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