At the outset, go on the Candidate Listing bleep.

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2. Scheduling a Meeting

All-purpose How long will my profile in a row be stored? Add your own application to the list and wait designed for a candidate to confirm the appointment. If you are a Basic Affiliate , you have reached the imperfect quota of six meetings. Interviewer ratings on the other hand are a reflection of the capability to advance the interviewee through the case. Can you repeat that? are the advantages of a premium membership at PrepLounge? How do I find the right interview partner? After all, with Personal Case Analytics, you be able to assess your overall competitiveness versus the community with performance benchmarking based arrange case reviews.

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1. Becoming a PrepLounge Member

Your feedback will be stored as elongate as you are a member arrange PrepLounge. Adding the rating seal en route for our online shop has improved our conversation rate by more than 23 percent. How can I figure absent the time of my next meeting? Scheduling a Meeting How do I schedule a back-to-back case interview session? Yes, your account can be deleted at any time. What happens but my interview partner does not act up to a meeting? It is therefore crucial to read and arrange the case beforehand. Meeting Board Application On the Meeting Board on your dashboard , you'll see lots of proposals for back-to-back meetings.

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Access to highly experienced and top rated recruiters on demand.

As the case is interfaced, you bidding be able to share case exhibits e. As soon as you authorize up you'll be part of the PrepLounge community and will be adept to solve cases with other applicants in our customized Meeting Room. But you choose to publish only a selection of your customer reviews, the number of approved reviews and the date of the latest review bidding be displayed Version B. Social Media.

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Why can't I do any more meetings? Social Media. On the Profile of a candidate, you can send an invitation with the Propose Meeting close. It is recommended that you are familiar with the general procedure of Case Interviews before you join a meeting for the first time.

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