En route for begin with, Gem Rocks is a 6-reel slot with a lot of action.

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Gem Rocks by Yggdrasil

At the same time as the stones that fall make the combinations, you can have several wins during one rotation. With a change range of 0. Nirvana The amusement is unusual, thus you should advance choose first free Gem Rocks drop in machine to play online. It is the huge jackpot that is agreed to those who decide to act.

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Gem Rocks Slot Game Bonuses

Cut stone Rocks Features Gem Rocks slot amusement has a straightforward, fun, and at ease gameplay and features. You can adjust the stake size every spin. It uses lines that are always committed and 6 reels. Picking this demo tape variant, you will get the toughest opportunities to enjoy the gameplay after that understand the rules. The main attractions of the Gem Rocks by Yggdrasil are its simplicity and the highest chances to get real money. Designed for 2 consecutive wins a 2x2 astound drops down for greater winning combinations, 5 back-to-back wins awards a 3x3 rock, and 9 consecutive wins awards a massive and exciting 4x4 astound. Lower value symbols are of a grey triangle gem, a green accord, a purple diamond, and an carroty x. Gem Rocks slots definitely appeal to the gamblers with these options. Before a live audience for real money here, you be able to increase your maximum stake 50 coins in times.

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Gem Rocks big win with 2x2

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