The Hirer shall not bring onto the Premises or the Hired Area a few equipment that the Company has not previously authorised in writing. If nil is the winning number, half the value of the voucher will be awarded in chips.

Dress Code - 81195

Empire Casino : Terms and Conditions

These are normally day-time events and women are encouraged to wear summer dresses or skirts, plain t-shirts and adorn up jeans or pants. Casual: A lot of people misunderstand the category of accidental, thinking it means they can appear in shorts and a shirt. The Hire Charge does not include erstwhile equipment or services unless specifically assured. All entertainment or staging must be agreed with the Company prior en route for the event. Women should wear black or dark blue cocktail dresses, pants suits or separate pants and blouse that are formal. Any guests amateur dramatics in an inappropriate way or desperately intoxicated will not be permitted access and any payments will be abandoned.

Dress Code for - 16540

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